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A solution to a persistent problem

Built by ex and current scholars for current scholars, Hostel paddy is a platform with the vision of connecting students with house owners/agents to solve their hostel accommodation problems

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For Students

Students can view listed hostel accommodations according to their preference. Students security is of paramount interest to us, we ensure that all registered house owners/agents are vetted and verified agents.
We give you the flexibility to:

  • To set your accommodation preference

  • Set your comfort and choose where you live

  • Share their financial burden with a hostel mate

  • Stay updated with available hostel accommodation available around you

For House owners/agents

House owners/agents can relax as we bring student clients to your doorstep on your terms, at almost no cost. You can also list as many available hostel accommodations as you wish. We provide you with the possibility to:

  • List accommodation and set your price.

  • Set the terms for your listed hostel accommodation

  • Give visibility to your available hostel accommodation nationwide.

  • Manage your listed hostel accommodation.

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Exclusive Features

Keep track of your dream hostel apartment

With your notification on, you will be the first to know when your desired hostel accommodation is listed.

Request for a hostel mate

As a student, you can request for a hostel mate to split your rent and relieve your financial burden.

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